A Man Without Words, the short documentary, now available

Welcome to March which is marching along faster than I can blog.

Dear All of you who have shared your enthusiasm and interest.  Thank you.

2014 has already been a great year for sharing stories and connecting.  While finishing giving “perks” from the campaign, I have interacted with new friends, and have used multilingual tales in new ways.  ESL students, for example, have loved the signing while listening to English.  With more confidence and less translating in their native language (I suspect as their reaction time was quicker), phrases and conversations grew where only embarrassed looks and halting syllables had been.

And, now we, Zack Godshall and I, can share the story, A Man Without Words, in a short documentary.  I will be on the road soon, screening the film across the U.S. Trains and buses and, perhaps, a cart or bike will allow me to connect people to people, ideas to ideas and, hopefully, help build community while raising interest in a full length documentary.  Contact me if you have any ideas or suggestions or interest in supporting Signs of Life, the project name for this endeavor. See Films above, for more information.

I am also available for Signs of Literacy, if anyone is interested in a demonstration of multilingual tales and how many ways one can use them for a variety of learning objectives and different kinds of learners of all ages.

Write me if you would like a book or a DVD or send a donation of any amount to 1442A Walnut St. #139, Berkeley, CA. 94709  Or:

Hit the donation button to the left.  Donate any amount for a tax deductible donation.  For a thank you gift of a film or a book, contact me via this website and tell me what you would like and how many.  Let’s practice the gift economy.  I give gifts until I can no longer buy books and send them.  You give gifts to help me give some more.  It works better than our current system, yes?  More, soon, after I pack.

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