Susan Schaller, author of A Man Without Words, has worked for over thirty years through public speaking, writing, and advocacy, to raise awareness of the importance of language, equal access to language and how we all benefit by learning from each other, regardless of differences. She has written The Boy Who Cried Wolf for the multilingual ASL Tales.  She encourages storytelling for education and community building with her two books and a documentary of A Man Without Words, and, recently with a theater production, Without Words.
Vital-Signs, an award winning film, Susan co produced with Yoon Lee.

Contact Susan for a book talk, workshop, film screening, or ask about other ways to be involved with language, education and community building with storytelling.

If you would like a signed copy of A Man Without Words, write Susan Schaller or send a request (with or without a gift of any amount) to:

3222 So. Sagle Rd., Sagle, Idaho 83860

Previous venues include:

  • The Margaret Mead Film Festival
  • McNeil-Lehrer News Hour
  • German-American Institute, Heidelberg
  • The English Center, Salzburg, Austria
  • UCSF Medical School
  • WFD Human Rights Conference, Helsinki