E-mail me for A Man Without Words/ The Boy Who Cried Wolf/ Annie’s Tales/ Princess and the Pea or….

Soon, I will leave for the east coast.  Before I do, I have time to send books and DVDs for any who want to explore opening their minds and hearts by experiencing ASL story telling in ASLTales – The Boy Who Cried Wolf, the one I wrote, with Aesop’s help, and four others.  Many have learned quite a bit of ASL, others have learned English or reading or, for little tykes, identification of emotions and empathy (opening the heart).

Visual language can teach us hearing people a lot.  Gifts of books and dvds await you.  No obligation – gifts – and, if you want to join me in the gift economy, give a gift to continue the gift giving, helping to buy more and send more to new parents, students and teachers who might not be able to afford them otherwise.

A Man Without Words book or short documentary (DVD) is also available for those of us who could use an inspiring story of someone beating the odds.

The four other books from ASLTales are Annie’s Tales, The Princess and the Pea, Rapunzel and The Tortoise and the Hare.  Let me know what you want, how many, for whom (if a present) and if you want me to sign the ones I wrote.

Write me, through this web site (contact page, above)or via old-fashioned SLOW mail (like slow food, slower living – try it): 3222 S. Sagle Rd., Sagle, Idaho 83860

I look forward to hearing from you.

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