Ildefonso grew up without any language. Born deaf to hearing parents who never exposed him to signing, he had no shared language and had no idea what language was.  A Man Without Words (Susan Schaller, UC Press, 2012) tells the story of his journey to language, to connection with the human community. Now, a documentary (Zachary Godshall, director) brings Ildefonso and Susan back to the classroom where they met, where he learned that he and everything has a name, and she learned what it is to be human.

This short documentary is now available. Write and ask me to thank you with a film.  Teachers and students, you have gifts waiting for you – e-mail me or send a gift (any amount) and an address to 3222 S. Sagle Rd., Sagle, Idaho 83860.

In Search of Lucy Doe, a film with Oliver Sacks, Susan Schaller and languageless deaf people, tells two stories of a languageless woman found dancing in the streets to get attention, and a family with five languageless children, three well into adulthood.  The BBC World Service has given permission to Susan Schaller to show this film for educational purposes.

Write Susan or Zack (above) if you would like to book a screening and presentation.

The play, Without Words, was a great success.  Write me or the director, Derek Davidson (I’ll forward your notes or questions) for more information.