Life on hold?

I might become a farm/horse ranch owner, farmer and/or gardener and/or tiny house builder, next month – gulp!  In the mean time, I’m hanging out with my partners, farmers-to-be, my sister and her husband, in some hot mobile home in an unknown part of Oregon, on the Oregon trail. We are wondering what to do, from hour to hour, while we wait, and wait, for escrow to close or fail or ?

Today, I decided to do something: write you all, whoever you are.  I have not given up my ideas and ideals relating to my book projects: creating community through sharing stories, and education for all ages through multi-lingual and multi-cultural story telling.  If you would like to know more, look around my web site or scroll down and read more, and/or are interested in books/DVDs, write me.

Also, if you know how to be a farmer, write me and let me know.

And, since I don’t know how to be a farmer, invite me to present or give a book talk or a workshop – ASL or ASL storytelling for literacy or language learning – write me.  I know how to do that.

And, enjoy this day.  Don’t wait for life to happen.  Make more life.

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