Resources & Links

For information or comments, go to “Contact” above or write me: susan.schaller (at) with any questions. Write to request any book, DVD, articles, ideas, materials or references.

For any information on Deafness or ASL, check local colleges for American Sign Language classes and/or Deaf Studies. Any ASL teacher will be able to refer you to local resources. State schools for Deaf children, unfortunately, are closing or shrinking, but some are still active, like California’s (Fremont and Riverside), and school districts or education departments have an outreach or information office. They are listed in the government pages or can be found through information by the state’s name. (Ex: California School for the Deaf).  Also, look for social service or interpreting services, locally.  Find local Deaf professionals and/or groups.  Don’t believe the first hearing person who may bill himself or herself as an expert.  Learn from everyone.