Teachers Tool Kit

Resources, referral or references, lesson activities, lesson plan ideas, and lesson plans available.

Contact me for materials available or to design new materials tailored to the needs of your students, or to plan a workshop, demonstration and/or a presentation.

For early childhood, ask me about The Boy Who Called Wolf Activity Book – I will send you an electronic version and how to put it together.


For older children (pre-teens or teens):

Here is an example lesson plan and a comic, , for English learners, multicultural education or self expression/writing exercise, to name the most common applications:


Boy Who Called W. Activity Comic

[note: the “ASL Tales” web site is no longer available.  Write me directly via the contact page, and I will send you educational research, ideas, or connect you to educators who have successfully used ASL Tales story telling for a multitude of objectives and for different ages and levels or challenges.