The New Life: Following the Reality of Human Connection

We, all of life, are interdependent – strands in a great web.  Our society tells us everywhere that we are disconnected, separate; that each of us independent of another needs the latest new toy or trip or shampoo to make us happy. When I stop listening, looking and eating the messages about “I, me and mine,” I begin to sense reality, the interdependence of all of life.

One of my attractions to multilingual storytelling is the practical applications of seeing reality – our connections  to each other – in teaching reading, writing, aspects of literature, English and other languages.  It is a joy to see students of all ages learn to love learning through other people and their languages, through differences. Paradoxically, we become more ourselves when we learn from others and their otherness.

Our stories, myths, legends and shared expressions touch us, remind us of connections and expand awareness of connection. I am struggling to think of effective ways to revolutionize education through multicultural story telling. The turning would not only involve education, however; we all need to turn to each other, recognize ourselves in each other, through our sharing and stories, in order to care for and grow more life.

Soon, I am launching another experiment in building connections and community. On April 24th, I will be leaving my room, my bed, my Berkeley home of many years, and boarding an Amtrak train, the first of many,  I will be working on trains and buses and showing up where invited to present my literacy project or film project about human connection.  Instead of believing the messages of separateness and fear, the food of the ego, I will be following faith that life can and will unfold in many ways that I by myself could never imagine or plan.

The address – 1442A Walnut St. #139, Berkeley, CA  94709 – will still be good for sending messages, book or DVD orders of A Man Without Words, or ASL Tales’ book/DVD sets. Order the newly released documentary, A Man Without Words, before April 20th and you will get it quickly, before I’m on a long-distance train.

The Walnut Street address also accepts gifts to support buying books, creating new  materials and necessities if you prefer sending checks over the Donation Button to the left.

This announcement is also an updating of my blog post list.  If there are duplicate or you do not want to be on this list, please contact me.

If you have friends or family who are involved in early education, English teaching of any age or interested in a book talk/film screening of A Man Without Words and the exploration of a full length documentary on human connection with or without language, forward this or information and have them contact me at susan (at)

I hope to see you, on or off the train, if you are near an Amtrak route!  First stop planned is Omaha, then Chicago, upstate New York, New York City, back to Chicago, St. Louis, Boston and then (D.C.?, North Carolina?)?

Enjoy the day, everyday.

susan schaller



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